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Curragh Caravans

Went away last summer and I promised a while ago to do a nice review of them because frankly, they were nice and I was delighted with the service I got. Curragh Caravans are a company in Newbridge, Co. Kildare. I was looking for a nice used caravan to head off with my family on. My daughter never been on a caravan trip and she hasn't seen much of Ireland either. I thought it made perfect sense to buy one and spend a couple of weeks touring around Ireland. Well I came across them through a friend who recommended them. He had been using caravans to go on holiday with for years.

He knows most of the sellers and was put off by some a few times. He spoke highly of Curragh Caravans and so I decided to give them a call and see what they would offer. I got a great used caravan off of them and some really nice tips on where to spend my time with my family. The caravan is now parked behind the house while I wait till around june or july before I head off again with the family. I intend this time to head on down to Cork or Limerick!

So this company gets the thumbs up from me and would recommend anyone looking for a cheap used caravan to swing on over to them and see what they can offer.


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